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Charter Performance Report and Results 2017/18

Our Charter Performance Report has been recently published detailing our performance against the outcomes and standards set by Scottish Government within the Charter and an outline of our business activity this past year.

For 2017/18 we have made considerable progress towards modernising our business practices by investing in our housing management systems and providing training and development to staff in our frontline services.  In our aim to deliver value for money, a full business review was undertaken to identify cost avoidance schemes and demonstrate a greater return for our services.  In addition, we have focused on improving our corporate and social responsibility by becoming more involved in community based projects and strengthening our communication strategy to promote greater opportunity for tenant participation and scrutiny.

The challenges brought about by welfare reform are only beginning to materialise and we hope that this report provides clarity of our plans and reassures our customers we are able to face the future confident of delivering services where maintaining affordable rents and value for money is at the heart of our values.